Coronavirus help

Some interactive online content to support and encourage you!

During these exceptional circumstances, we are providing a place where you can get some inspiration and useful help.

While many of you are probably already linked into this sort of material, we want to provide you with some examples of what is available, just in case you weren’t aware – or if you need a quick reference.

Please let us know of more examples that you think should be shared…

See also see our News Article for key info from us.

We have some inspirational media for Christians in the Police Service on our website Media page:

Or check out the playlists on our CPA UK YouTube channel:

READ (daily devotional)

A playlist of songs Trinity Life Church Leicester are using:


Apple Music:

Two of our members also have online worship songs:

Andy Robinson:

Alex Boxall:

PRAY (CPA Prayer material and related events)

ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES (Live or pre-recorded)
Many churches around the world are producing these:

Trinity Life Church Leicester:

Holy Trinity Brompton:


Nicky Gumbel (Holy Trinity Brompton):
Rick Warren (Author of Purpose Driven Life and founder of Saddleback Church, LA):
Max Locado (Christian author and pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas) :

Engage with your local Church Home/Life Group by phone or message. Consider a WhatsApp Group, and many have found Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp Video chat can work well for a group video gathering. Get in touch if you need help to set this up.

OUTREACH to your street

There are a number of ideas around this, why not begin blessing your neighbours by printing off a card that you could deliver to your street?

You can download one made by Trinity Life Church Leicester and edit it with your church details:

There is some great online material being circulated by church groups for families and young people.

Care for the Family:

Trinity Life Church Leicester:


Christian Medical Fellowship:

Police Charities UK:

The Cinnamon Connect Webinars – in response to Covid-19:

Helping churches be good neighbours in the Covid-19 crisis:

Local organising to support the most vulnerable in our communities:

Beware of sharing fake news: