Please see our Publications page for our CPA Prayer material

The Christian Police Association is promoting an International Day of Prayer for the Emergency Services on 25th June 2020.

There are three ways you can get involved:

  • Watch our CPA YouTube channel “International Day of Prayer 2020” playlist at any time on the day
  • Join one of our Zoom meetings held at 1200hrs and 1900hrs (UK BST). Please email us at for details.
  • Use the Pray 4 Your Police (P4YP) material on our Publications page

Please join us in supporting Emergency Service colleagues around the world as they face a variety of challenges and thank you for your support.

  • All those in the NHS and all those working tirelessly to save lives.  Please give them the skills, resilience and resources to care for the sick.  Please give them the wisdom and knowledge needed to search for a cure.  Strengthen them, that through their work many will be restored to health.
  • For those who are sick or suffering and those who have lost colleagues or loved ones, may they find comfort and healing.
  • Our communities and for their support in helping to save lives by observing the restrictions that we currently face.  Let everyone know and support the fact that the Police are from – and of the community; and helping the police with these restrictions will help the NHS to save lives
  • For all the Police family – officers/staff and their loved ones.  Police Officers and staff are continuing to work 24/7 to protect and serve us all.
  • For all our CPA members, friends and Community Partners – for their continued mutual support in bringing the message, truth and hope of the Gospel to all we met during the difficult and unprecedented times we are in.

The Christian Police Association supports the global prayer event Thy Kingdom Come each year. Please do take time to pray for your Police during your times of prayer.

“When we pray, we partner with God”.  This is a great resource to help you pray:

Enough is a series of extraordinary corporate prayer meetings where thousands of people from across the world pray at the same time for the same things. “Many People, Many Places, Once Voice”:

A house of prayer with a heart for the nations. Calling the family of God to pray for the city, the nation and the world:

Check out this great video clip about Emergency Service workers using the power of prayer at work: